Our Services
              If you just need an oil change,  
                       your motor is not running properly,
                               or you need to replace your engine . . . . . 
​        Keep the boat . . . . . replace the motor!
    Our shop has the solution & ability to meet your outboard motor maintenance, repair
    and replacement needs.

   Our services include:

   Sales & Service of Tohatsu/Nissan Outboard Products.

   Sales & Service of Lehr Propane Outboard Motors.

   Sales & Service of Paddle King boats  www.paddleking.com

   Sales & Service of Duras Boats

   Sales & Service of Gheenoe Boats    www.gheenoe.com

   • Engine Tuning 
       Clean/Rebuild Carburetor- Replace Spark Plugs- Check/Reset Timing-Change Fuel Filter, etc.

   • EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Service and Repair    Tools, Training, Equipment & Experience to get
      your outboard running properly.

   • Engine Diagnostics . . . . have a problem nobody else can repair?   Our mechanics are "fearless"

   • Lower Gearcase Service and Repairs . . . .don't overlook changing the Lower Gearcase Oil 
     before the expensive repair is needed.  SEE PICTURE ABOVE

   • General Service and Repairs . . . . from busted "skeg" to broken pull rope & everything in between.

   • Water Pump (Impeller) Service . . .BIG ISSUE, watch the water stream coming from your motor.
                                                   IF it's getting warm or not as strong as before, don't mess with this one

   • Steering, Shifting & Controls Service  Safety! . .  Safety! . . . Safety!

   • Electrical problems, navigation lights, etc. 

   • Pre-Purchase MOTOR evaluations (be careful what you buy on Craig's list) 

   • Motor Replacement (Repower) . . . . 2.5hp up to 250hp, featuring . . . 

   • Detailing Service . . . . Professional Detailing for your boat.

   • Boat Survey/Appraisal Service by Registered Boat Surveyor

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 WATER got into the Lower Gearcase Oil  . . . NOT GOOD .           We can catch that before serious damage occurs.

Annual Maintenance is critical 
for maintaining a properly running and reliable marine motor. We can and will provide competent and honest service to keep you up and running.